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We offers a data recovery service, if your hard drive/usb pen has failed or has been damaged and you cannot read your data, please bring your hard drive/usb pen to us.
Costs are done on a quotation basis, but if data cannot be retrieved there is no cost incurred. Accounts can be set up for businesses and we also offer discounts for quantity.

Our Work

  • 1. Individual and Entire file recovery
  • 2. Data Recovery from Hard Drive
  • 3. Recovery At affordable prices
  • 4. Desktop/Laptop HDD Recovery
  • 5. SSD / RAID / SCSI & SAS Recovery
  • 6. No recovery, No fee

Data Recovery from Hard Drive

A hard drive is the most popular storage device nowadays, and data from computers, laptops, tablets and other handheld devices are stored on them. These disk drives are reliable in most cases, but sometimes they may get damaged. We are proficient at recovering lost data from hard drives.

Desktop HDD Recovery

The desktop computer is usually used at home, and the stability of its HDD is higher than those of laptops or tablets. In the event of a power line surge, the HDD can fail, and you may lose the data stored on it. There are many reasons as to how a desktop HDD malfunctions, but our experts assist in data recovery in Dubai on your desktop HDD.

Laptop HDD Recovery

The laptop HDD is exposed to a much higher risk than the desktop one. A laptop is used for work on the go and under harsher conditions. There is a high chance that your laptop HDD becomes easily damaged. Because of this, data loss is more common with laptops, and our technicians know that. We will restore all the data on your laptop hard disk drive.

SSD Recovery

Solid State Drives are much faster than HDDs and have no moving components, thus being more reliable. These drives are manufactured differently, and the recovery process becomes a bit specific. Our trained specialists will help in your data recovery.